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Replacement Platform Large UHMW

Replacement Platform Large UHMW

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  • 20mm larger from front to back than the small and 10mm larger than the medium. Offering the most amount of support of all the sizes, the large is great for people with larger boot sizes. It's really designed for a pure dirt bike application where you are standing for most of the ride. 
  • Designed to not have the heel interfere with the controls while sliding your boot forward for braking and shifting. Smaller-sized boots could experience the heel hitting the back of the platform on this size.
  • A boot with a wedge-style sole will have no issue at all.
  • MATERIAL: These are made out of UHMW plastic. This material is tough and can take big impacts and not bend or break. It also slides off rocks and obstacles rather than getting hung up on them like metals tend to do. Another added benefit is its ability to adsorb vibrations. Transferring less of that energy to the foot and leg. This means less fatigue caused by vibrations and makes a big difference over longer rides. 
  • DIMENSIONS: 90mm×90mm with a 70mm wide top of the platform. Includes 2 platforms, cleats, bearing, and a dust cap.
  • Flex Rating: FR 4 backward and FR 9 forward we have found that this allows for an ideal mix of limited backward rotation and more forward rotations. Translating into a standing position makes it easier to get forward on the bike and hard to get back seated. 

New bearings, oring, and dust cap included. This is a 2-part footpeg system and Mounts are sold separately.

*IMPORTANT*When installing these platforms onto the spindle the nylon locking nut torque spec is 3 ft/lbs (hand tight) Use an 8mm socket. Once you feel it bottom out stop tightening and visually inspect to make sure the nylon in the nut has engaged with the last couple of threads on the spindle. Over-torquing/tightening will cause the threads to strip and fail. 

If you do damage these and they become unusable please let us know. They are considered a wear item like a tire,  handlebar grip, or plastic skid plate. They will eventually get worn out and need replacement but they should never fail or break. If this happened please inform us of what happened and we will consider replacing it for free. 

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