Team Rider Profiles

Here are a few of the team riders that have been working with us and providing input and dialing in the products. Team riders are picked for thier uncanny ability to have a good time on 2 wheels while keeping the stoke high. We understand that these people do look like professional paid models but we can assure you that no modeling contracts were signed.

  • Team Rider: Wolfman

    Whip: 2022 Husqvarna FC250

    Prefered platform: Small fr 5-9.

    Favorite place to ride is the PNW forests. Says he often wakes up in a deep sweat with a reccuring dream of casing a 100ft. triple. He loosely claims BLUE is his favorite color and to mostly ride for a non existent paycheck. Quoted sayin "I'm a forward thinker and forward rider. These footpegs help me do just that."

  • Team Rider: Hollywood

    Whip: 2022 KTM TE 350i

    Prefered platform: Large fr 4-9.

    Can often be seen rocking a mean dirt stache. Likes riding tighter single track. One of his favorite places to ride is in Washington's Gifford Pinchot national forest. He really likes how the footpegs make it easier for him to get forward on his bike, especially on hills.

  • Team Rider: Braden Pulver UT, USA

    Whip: 2022 KTM 250xc-w

    Preferred Palrforms: Large fr 4-9.

    Favorite places to ride are in the deserts of Utah where he lives. He loves riding techinical enduro single track and desert races. He races in the USRA racing circuit and a ton of National races as well. He loves how the pegs make him feel planted on the bike but still allow him the movements needed in hills and corners.

  • Want to be a on the team?

    We are looking for people that create, or race, or ride competatively. We value our grassroots and think that feedback and partnership from normal everyday riders is the most valueable type of information. If you think that's you please send us a detailed email telling us all about yourself and why you would be a good fit. Cheers.