Free shipping up to $25 all of March (Use code: freeshipping25!). Plus all footpeg sets come with 2 spindles and 2 bushings replacements as a bonus. The Industry's first high-density plastic shock adsorbing footpeg. Ride longer and harder with better grip, control, and comfort.

Do you get leg fatigue, cramping, soreness, and discomfort while standing on your footpegs? Are you constantly having to reposition your boot? Do you often feel like you are slipping off your footpegs because of poor grip? Do you struggle to get forward on your bike during hill climbs? Do you often just get tossed around and feel out of control in the whoops? Well, we have a solution for you.

*A two-part (mount and platform) footpeg that provides full contact with the platforms and maximum grip on the leading and trailing edges. You are not slipping off these things.

*The result is a shock adsorbing footpeg system that flexes/rotates/pivots and is fully adjustable with multiple platform sizes and multiple bushing options.

*The future of what a footpeg system should be is here. With an industry-first, high-density plastic platform. It is ready to take on all the abuse, you can throw at it. 

*With our 30-day, no questions asked, return policy you can buy worry-free.



Components are made of a combination of stainless steel and chromoly metals. Along with and industry first High-density plastic platform. The platforms are machined out of a space-aged material called UHMW-PE and can stand up to some of the harshest forms of abuse.

UHMW is also self lubricating and will slide over object rather than getting hung up on them. We feel it is an ideal platform material. With ride qualities equal to aluminum or steal.

Replacement Footpeg Platforms and Parts


Benefits include:

-A platform that allows you to shift your body weight forward and back easier.

-Your body movement works with the bike rather than against it. 

-The system allows you to wear a stiffer most supportive boot with less discomfort. The rotation and shock adsorption of the platform counteracts the rigidness of the boot.

-Being balanced and connected to your platforms allows you to let the bike do more of the work.

-Ride longer with less fatigue in a more comfortable riding position.

-Plastic footpegs transfer less energy than metal footpegs, which equals less vibration.


You will never have to mess with a spring again after the mount is installed.

Benefits of a 2-part footpeg system

Benefits of a flexing footpeg platform

The platforms are offered in 3 sizes, encouraging you to ride on the balls of your feet rather than your arches, for maximum stability.

The bushing system in combination with the high density plastic platforms reduce motor vibrations and acts as an additional shock absorber.

Each platform will have a Flex-Rating for the part of the platform contacting the bushing. This makes it harder or easier for the platform to flex forward or backwards, allowing for the rider to shift weight where they need it while still keeping full contact with their paltforms and not rocking from edge to edge.

Limited Life-Time Warranty on Mounts

The mounts are made of stainless steel and designed to last a lifetime of abuse. We don't ever want to give you a reason to use another footpeg. Check out the website for all the details on warranty.