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Chromoly Steel Spindle

Chromoly Steel Spindle

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1) replacement spindle with bearings, nylon locking nut, reusable thread locker, and Oring included. We apply a thread-locking coating but highly recommend in addition to this applying a Permanent (Red) thread locker before installing a new spindle to the mount. This will provide an extra safety step to help keep the spindle from backing off due to vibration. Any name-brand permanent thread locker will do the trick. Make sure you check the spindle on a regular basis. Vibration and impact can cause threads to loosen. 

*IMPORTANT*  The Nylon lock nut torque spec is 2 ft/lbs (hand tight) Use an 8mm socket. Once to feel it bottom out stop tightening and visually inspect to make sure the nylon in the nut has engaged with the last couple of threads on the spindle. Over-torquing/tightening will cause the threads to strip and fail. 


The spindles are made of Chromoly steel with a 12.9 hardware rating. This means that our hardware has been tested to meet these high industrial standards. It is not just machined then fingers crossed that it actually holds up to the abuse it gets put through. Often custom hardware and parts fail because they never go through post-machining processes to meet these ratings. 

These Spindles are designed to be able to bend back straight in most cases. Steal has great fatigue strength when it comes to getting bent. Footpegs tend to take the most abuse out of all the components. We designed our hardware to bend rather than break in a major impact. The idea is that the spindle will bend before the platform you stand on does. This means that the cheapest and easiest part to replace fails rather than the more expensive platform. Plus keeping a spare spindle in your pack doesn't take up much space and is cheap insurance to make sure your ride doesn't get ruined. 

We find that a wrench or adjustable wrench will quickly and easily bend the bolt back straight. Please avoid using a hammer. I little leverage from a long-handled wrench or pipe is all that's needed.

We use a multiple-use thread locker on the threads along with a Viba-Tite 135 Red gel thread locker (this is a high-strength permanent thread locker). So if you have to remove the spindle for any reason it will need to be reapplied. We also use an innovative second thread locking system that uses a nylon rod insert and grabs the threads to prevent loosening from vibration. Spindles should always be torqued to 35 ft-lbs with a 14mm wrench. 

We understand that repairing a footpeg rather than trashing it and replacing it is a different way to look at the current market and is not for everyone. So take this into consideration when buying. These are fully rebuildable footpegs. Service intervals of 30hrs are always recommended to check the hardware and regrease the spindle axels. 

These are not covered in the lifetime warranty and are considered a wear item. 

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