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Vibra-TITE Gel Thread locker High strength 135

Vibra-TITE Gel Thread locker High strength 135

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We use this thread locker on the spindle and bushing bolt threads. We also use this all over the rest of the bike. The gel formula really helps keep those threads from vibrating loose. We highly recommend you it on our mounts. 

Vibra-Tite 135 is a high-strength anaerobic gel thread locker designed to lock and seal fasteners up to 1" in diameter. This no-drip red formula demonstrates good temperature resistance and solvent resistance against water and non-polar solvents. Cures rapidly on plated, oily metal or inactive surfaces. Replaces lock washers and plastic inserts; locks machine tool access bolts, studs, and hydraulic system bolts. Also recommended for use on gear box bolts/drive shaft, bearing cover cap screws, counter sunk screws, conveyor roller bolts and construction equipment.

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