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Bushing bolt

Bushing bolt

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1) Chromoly steel replacement bushing bolt. The bolt comes with a reusable thread locker applied but we also use a permanent-high strength (red) thread locker to prevent the bolt from vibrating loose. Make sure you check this bolt on a regular basis. Large impacts and vibrations can cause bolts to loosen. 

The bushing bolts are made of Chromoly steel with a 12.9 hardware rating. This means that our hardware has been tested to meet these high industrial standards. It is not just machined then fingers crossed that it actually holds up to the abuse it gets put through. Often custom hardware and parts fail because they never go through post-machining processes to meet these ratings. 

They have a button head design and less chance that they will hit squarely on a rock and bend. There is a multi-use thread locker applied so you can remove them to change bushings and the thread lock will hold up. When changing a bushing always make sure to reapply a permanent red thread locker to the bolt threads also. Steal has excellent fatigue strength when it comes to getting bent. Footpegs tend to take the most abuse out of all the components. We designed our hardware to bend rather than break from major impact. We find that a wrench or adjustable wrench will quickly and easily bend the bolt back straight. Please avoid using a hammer. I little leverage from a long-handled wrench or pipe is all that's needed. 

These are not covered in the lifetime warranty and are considered a wear item. 

Make sure that you check those bolts on a regular basis. They take a ton of vibration and shock. Bashing them on rocks can sometimes loosen the threads and cause them to back out. Always use a name-brand red thread locker when installing these bolts.  We use a Vibra-tite 135 red gel thread locker with these. 

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