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Flex-Mount Footpegs (#SUR) FITS: HD Pan America, Surron, Segway, Talaria

Flex-Mount Footpegs (#SUR) FITS: HD Pan America, Surron, Segway, Talaria

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Footpegs come fully assembled: These are hands down the best footpegs you can buy for your e-moto. They will change the way you ride. The support and control you will get from them is unparalleled. Ditch your cheap afterthought of a footpeg and treat yourself to a set of these. You will not regret it. 

The SUR platforms come with an extra set of M3x18mm cleats for those that ride with sneakers vs. mx boots. This makes for a smaller cleat and less of a pressure point on the soles. We mount out footpegs with 3-4 degrees of negative camber. This keeps your knees locked into the bike better and helps prevent footpegs from sagging over time. 

-All mounts use the manufacturer's OEM springs and pins. 

-Chromoly steel spindles with reusable thread locker. 14mm wrench. Torque spec 35 ft/lbs 

-3 bushing sets rated 80A, A90, A95. The A90 comes installed on the pegs. 

-Bushing bolts (bolt grade 12.9) with reusable thread-locker. 8mm Allen wrench. Torque spec 30 ft/lbs 

 *IMPORTANT*  If you are ever installing the platforms onto the spindle the nylon locking nut torque spec is 2 ft/lbs (hand tight) Once you feel it bottom out stop tightening and visually inspect to make sure the nylon in the nut has engaged with the last couple of threads on the spindle. Over-torquing/tightening will cause the threads to strip and fail. 

 *The steel spindle and bushing bolt are 12.9 rated and tested hardware. Steel has excellent fatigue strength when it comes to getting bent. Footpegs tend to take the most abuse out of all the components. We designed our hardware to bend rather than break in a significant impact. A wrench or adjustable wrench will quickly and easily bend the bolt back straight. Please avoid using a hammer. A little leverage from a long-handled wrench or pipe will do the job. 


Fit for Harley Davidson: Pan America All Years. 

Fit For Segway X160 & X260

Fit For Surron Light Bee 

These can be used with the Talaria bikes but you will need to use a Surron mounting bracket. 

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