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Warranty Policy

Parts List:
Mounts: This is the stainless steel piece that has 2 threaded holes and mounts directly to the frame with a pin.
Spindle: This is the piece that threads into the mount and carries the platform you stand on.
Bushing bolt: This is the piece that threads into the mount and carries the bushing.
Bushing: This is the piece that goes onto the bushing bolt and the platform rests on and provides shock adsorption.
Platform: This is the piece that the spindle carries and the rider stands on. It holds two replaceable bearings the platform rotates on.

We provide an automatic original owner LIFETIME WARRANTY on all mounts (see above parts list). Our mounts are designed to last in the harshest of conditions, we understand that cross-threading does happen so please take the time to make sure threads are clean and free of debris before use. If the mounts get to an unusable state, please follow the warranty claim procedure below. The spindle, bushing bolt, and bushings are not covered in the lifetime warranty. They are wear items that will eventually need to be replaced. 

If anything happens to the platforms to make them unusable (if they break or are bent beyond use) please contact us and tell us what happened. They are considered a wear item like a tire, handlebar grips, or a plastic skid plate. They will eventually wear out but should never fail or break. The spindle is designed to bend before the platform will break. If the platform fails or is damaged beyond use in most cases we will replace the broken platform for free. 

Making a Warranty Claim.

1. Take a bunch of photos of your bike and the damaged or broken part showing the mount and part number.

2. Tell us exactly how it happened. 

3. Grant us permission to tell your story and let us know the best way to contact you.

4. Send your photos and story to motionfactoryracing@gmail.com.  

** We reserve the right to review the legitimacy of your claim and will need to contact you before we send out new mounts. Our lifetime warranty only covers mounts that have been damaged or broken beyond a usable state due to a crash or other mishap. Warranty DOES NOT COVER cross threading, or over-torquing and stripping threads. 

Buyer hereby acknowledges off-roading, riding, racing and driving are dangerous activities
and that the products and/or supplies purchased from Motion Factory Racing LLC are used in an inherently
dangerous activity that may endanger life and limb; and in no event shall the seller, or seller's
heirs and assigns, be held liable for consequential damages, nor shall seller's liability on any
claim for damages arising out of or connected with the sale, delivery, or use of purchased
products and/or supplies exceed the purchase price of the products and/or supplies.

  • Installation Instructions:

Tools needed: 6mm Allen key. 8mm socket with a 1/4'' ratchet. 14mm wrench.

These instructions are for a complete build-up of the flex-mount footpeg system. Please ignore Steps 3-8 if Pre assembled.  

Step 1: Remove the OEM footpeg and keep all mounting hardware. The pins, springs, washers, and cotter pins.

Step 2: Install the MFR mount with the hardware you just removed. 

Step 3: Install the spindle with a 14mm wrench and torque to 40 ft/lbs. Apply a high-stregnth thread locker. We recommend VIBRA-TITE 541 joining compound.

Step 4: Install the bushing bolt with 2 bushings on each side with a 6mm Allen key and torque to 30 ft/lbs. 

Step 5: Take the platform with the 2 bearings and dust cap installed and slide it onto the spindle. Make sure you remove the 8mm nut before doing this step. Slide until it bottoms out on the spindle. 

Step 6: Remove the dust cap from the end of the platform with a 6mm Allen key. Take the 8mm nut and thread it on the end of the spindles loosely with your finger.

Step 7: With an 8mm socket on a 1/4'' drive screw in the nut in a clockwise direction. *WARNING DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN*.  Once you feel the nut bottom out stop tightening and visually inspect the nut. It will be hand-tight no more than 2 ft/lbs of torque. Make sure that all the threads are engaged and the nut sits flush with the end of the spindle.

Step 8: Install the dust cap with a 6mm Allen key. Tighten clockwise and once to feel it bottom out stop tightening. This will also be a hand-tight connection.